Thrown out of their own destiny, the orphans crave for a destiny. They crave also for a dignified life. By running more than 32 orphanages, Franciscan Brothers spark a ray of hope to many unfortunate children who otherwise would have lost in the streets and left unwanted to land up in the hands of antisocial elements. Our Brothers are sister and brother and mother and father for them. The lives of these less privileged in the society is filled with love and care in our orphanages. More than hundred years of service in the field of caring the orphans, Franciscan Brothers have still miles to go in establishing many more centers for orphans an brining them up to fit into the status of the society.

They need your help and support.

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Unterstützen Sie uns beim Aufbau einer Siedlung für Leprakranke in Indien
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Unterstützen Sie unser Projekt "Straßenkinder in Indien brauchen ein neues Zuhause" in Bangalore, einer Stadt in Südindien.
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