This project is named "Multi Skill Training Programme" aimed at providing adequate training in different skills; to begin with unemployed youths from rural India. The same model will be extended to other parts of the world (Sri Lanka, South America) where the Brothers are actively involved in rural development.
During this technical training program, they will be taught four skills in a span of two years, such as Electrical, plumbing, welding and carpentry. The selection is made from four provinces of India namely South, Central, North an North East. This new venture is aimed at enabling the rural youth to earn a livelihood and support their families, which are reeling under the curse of poverty.

The nature of the program
The training method used is residential program with hand on training, which will help the candidates to be able to take up independent jobs at the completion of their training.

The benefits
  • Unemployed/underemployed, school dropout youth from rural India will get a chance to learn skills which otherwise would not have been possible for them due to their miserable rural background.
  • After the competition of their studies, they will be able to find self-employment in their own places or in the nearby townships without having to migrate to larger cities.
  • National integration, cultural integration, learning of new languages etc. take place due to the coming together of youngsters from various cultural an linguistic background for this common purpose.
  • It is really a boost to the youngsters who hail from insurgency-affected regions of our country. As it happens in many of our states that unemployed youths are taking arms against the very unity an integrity of the nation, programs like multi skill training can certainly provide a meaningful existence to the desperate unemployed youth and also peace an harmony to their families and to the society at large.
  • Eradication of poverty is one of the main targets aimed by this project. The support, which can come from the youngster who gets trained in this field, will bring a certain amount of income to his family, which will also be shared to the rest of his family.
We need your help and support to realize this proram.

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