Our shanties look with disdains the palatial bungalows and manhattans. "Home, sweet home", is the dream of everyone. Rural and urban India faces one of the worst crisis is in providing shelter to its citizens. People live in pipes, drainage pavements, slums etc. where there is no proper sanitation or hygiene. Contagious diseases are their constant companions. Lack of facilities lead to many uncalled happenings.
Franciscan Brothers have been instrumental in providing houses for hundreds, who otherwise would have embraced street corners, drainage pavements or slums to lay their heads. We have many more ambitious plans to provide a roof above the heads of hundreds of poor fellow men who are helpless in getting it done by their own. We firmly believe that we can shelter them decently in association with generous people like you, government agencies and NGO`s.

Euro 2010,- is the construction/furnishing cost of a house or donations of any amount will definitely be a boost to the morale of our Brothers and will help in adding many more far-flung and underdeveloped areas into our service fold.

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Unterstützen Sie unser Projekt "Straßenkinder in Indien brauchen ein neues Zuhause" in Bangalore, einer Stadt in Südindien.
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