"Heal the Sick... cleanse the lepers"; inspired by these words of Jesus, and disenchanted by the vanity of richness, St. Francis of Assisi embraced poverty. He could speak to animals and birds in their languages. Through preaching the good news and serving the poor, find solace is the Franciscan Charism. Old and sick and ailing and familys rejected less fortunate brethren find home and solace with the Brothers. Their tender care and human approach make them feel at home and get their ailments cured. Hospitals rejected and doctors abandoned cases are cured miraculously in our acupressure healing centres. Our Brothers extended healing touch to people through leprosy hospital, acupressure therapy centers, dispensaries, regual medical camps etc.

We need your helping hand and support.

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Unterstützen Sie uns beim Aufbau einer Siedlung für Leprakranke in Indien
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Unterstützen Sie unser Projekt "Straßenkinder in Indien brauchen ein neues Zuhause" in Bangalore, einer Stadt in Südindien.
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