Every child has a right to get educated. With ardent fervor, Franciscan Brothers take education in the masses. Whether it is hill or plane, village or town, Franciscan Brothers are torch bearers in spreading the light of knowledge. Most of our schools are situated in far-flung villages, where people find it difficult to meet both the ends of their necessities. After much persuasion and pleading to the parents, the children are allowed to attend school. Their daily needs like books, uniform, stationary, food, scholl fees etc. are met by the Brothers. In some cases, midday meal is a boost to the children to attend the school. Through a number of schools, the doors of knowledge are opened to all people from all walks of life irrespective of their cast, creed or language.
Scholl for Cowboys an girls are also given adequate importance in tribal bet. Children who are left in looking after domestic animals end up their life without knowing the realities of the world. They are given chances to learn through our schools, which cater the need of imparting common knowledge with the relaxation of some games an food. Illiteracy among the senior citizens in rural India, Sri Lanka and South America is really a matter of grave concern. We have programmes of educating them, when they return to their homes after the days toil in their fields. They ware given basic training in reading an writing.
Franciscan Brothers are also forerunners in the technical and vocational training. The society has many acclaimed Technical Institutes, Engineering College an Management College armoring the youngsters for a better career.

You can be part of developing human resources. Euro 100,- is the educational expense for a child per year or donations of any amount will definitively be a boost to the morale of our Brothers an will help in adding many far-flung and underdeveloped areas into our service fold.

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