Tribes are always a neglected lot. Pushed back to the jungles, hills and corners of the society. They too cherish the dreams of being integral part of the mainstream society and partake in the process of nation building. We have our Brothers amidst them, extending them with education, medical care, various types of training, conscientization etc. to strive hard to fulfill their hopes and aspirations for a better life. Preserving their culture and its purity in its original shape, Brothers live among them an become part of their daily life.

They need your helping hand and support.

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Unterstützen Sie uns beim Aufbau einer Siedlung für Leprakranke in Indien
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Unterstützen Sie unser Projekt "Straßenkinder in Indien brauchen ein neues Zuhause" in Bangalore, einer Stadt in Südindien.
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